Q: What are the age and citizenship requirements to participate in your tryouts?
A: You must be at least 18 years old and a US or EU citizen to attend our tryouts due to work permit regulations and other related issues.  We recommend that you be no older than 23 to tryout.

Q: How much does the tryout in the United States cost?
A: We are against charging money for tryouts, but we reserve the right to charge a small administration fee to cover administration costs, field rental, insurance, etc.  Currently our tryouts are 100% free.

Q: Who pays the tryout costs?
A: Players are responsible for 100% of their own tryout expenses including airplane tickets, hotel, food, taxi, rental car, equipment, etc.

Q: Does the player get to tryout for whatever team they want?
A: No, tryouts are provided with clubs based upon which clubs match your playing style, playing level, physical attributes, and clubs requests.  Players can not choose or decide with which club they want to tryout.

Q:  I’m already signed with another agent, can I attend your tryout?
A: No, we only work with players who do not current have an agent.

Q: Do you guarantee that all players will make a team in Europe.
A: No, in fact, most players are not good enough to play professional soccer in Europe.  We provide no guarantees that you will be successful in your tryout.

Q:  Do you guarantee that I will tryout with a 1st division team in Europe?
A: No, most players without previous national team or professional experience are not ready for the 1st division.  We place players with the appropriate club according to their current playing level, playing style, and other factors.

Q: If I tryout will I be guaranteed to get a tryout in Europe?
A: No, we only provide tryouts for players that we feel are good enough and will have success as a professional soccer player.

Q: What else do I need to tryout?
A:  You must have your own soccer shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, shin-guards, your own funds enough to cover 100% of your own tryout expenses, sufficient bottled water, and your own health insurance.

Q: What if I am under 18 years old?
A: Then you must wait until you are 18 to participate in our tryouts.

Q: What if I don’t make it?
A: It’s possible that we can find you another tryout or tryouts, but this is based on the request of the clubs and we may be able to offer you a position in our US based academy team.  However, we provide no guarantees that you are good enough to play professional or even competitive soccer.  We only make the connections for the players that we select.

To apply, email your CV/resume along with any YouTube highlight video to: